Fortnite ate my teenagers brain…

Welcome to anyone who joined us in Uxbridge on Saturday 9th March for the Willesden Area Youth & Children’s Day! I hope that you found this seminar helpful. As promised below is a collection of useful websites and books to continue exploring this theme further.

Over the next few weeks I will endeavour to release my notes on the following areas, you will be able to link to them here:

Articles coming soon:

I hope that you find these helpful tools to continue the conversation around reaching a gamified youth culture.




Grove Youth: Exploring Spirituality in Video Games, Encountering meaning in digital spaces – Alastair Jones & Andy Robertson

Reality is Broken – Jane McGonigal

Super Better – Jane McGonigal

Mind Change – Susan Greenfield

Raising Children in a Digital Age – Dr Bex Lewis

Man (Dis)connected – Philip Zimbardo

The Teenage Brain – Frances E. Jensen

Left to their own devices – Katharine Hill

Getting Gamers – Jamie Madigan


Websites: ( worth checking out the Greenbelt playlist to continue exploring God in digital spaces)

Also on YouTube its worth searching for Jane McGonigal (excellent TED Talks) as well as “Gaming Addiction”. Look out especially for the BBC Panorama & TED Talks


To better understand the content of games ( and their ratings ), visit:

also the PEGI rating site:


Gaming Addiction:


Online Safety: (great information on the apps being used by young people) (online magazine)

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